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Important Announcement

Dear Students,


We are pleased to announce that an inter university partnership agreement has been signed between Dublin City University (DCU) and Yıldız Technical University School of Foreign Languages (YTU SFL) for English Language Training to be held at Dublin City University, Ireland. The DCU-YTU partnership will offer two programmes:


Program 1:   2013 Summer Course (July-August – 8 Week General English and IELTS Preparation)

Program 2: 2014 Spring Term (January-May – 15 Week Intensive General English and IELTS Preparation)


We have also produced a ‘’Student Guide’ to outline the details of the programmes, facilities, accommodation and to inform you about Dublin and Ireland. In addition, an officer from DCU will visit our school and present the program alternatives to you. The place, date and times of these presentations are as follows:


Place: School of Foreign Languages Conference Hall

Session 1: 10 April 2013 10:00-12:00 (Daytime Classes)

Session 2: 10 April 2013 16:00-18:00   (Night Classes)


Ps. Students who will attend to this event will be on leave of absence.





Directorate of School of Foreign Languages 

20- 3- 2013