Web Technologies in ELT Classrooms – Evaluating Current & Future Practice


Istanbul December 1-2, 2012

Yıldız Technical University, School of Foreign Languages is hosting an international symposium to explore the scope of web applications in ELT classrooms. Emerging technologies herald a new era in teaching and learning, and the easy-to-use web apps are increasingly being incorporated into classroom settings. Used with care and adequate professional training, these web tools can enhance some of our traditional teaching and learning practices. 

How do we know that the use of these technologies necessarily leads to improvement in ELT environments? The aim of this symposium is to create an atmosphere where teachers can discuss the challenges and problems they are likely to encounter when incorporating the new tools into their current pedagogic practices, and to examine possible solutions.


The key issues are:

1. What are the main web tools used by language teachers?

2. How widespread is the use of web technologies in ELT?

3. What kind of professional development do language teachers need to make the best use of these tools with their students?

4. How can the prevalence of web tools enhance independent learning?