Basic Information

The School of Foreign Languages (SFL) was established on 23 September 1998 overseen by the Rectorate. Since the Fall of 2010 compulsory 30% English medium instruction has been implemented in most faculties of the University.

In order to prepare YTU students for performing academic tasks in English, SFL aims to give English language education by combining contemporary approaches, methods and techniques to meet the goals of the university; to form a strong basis for students to learn a foreign language necessary for both academic and business life; and to enable students to be self-confident, responsible and autonomous learners through their education.

SFL consists of two departments: The Department of Basic English (DBE) and the Department of Modern Languages (DML). DBE aims to run a two-semester program to equip students with the four language skills while DML designs courses introducing students to reading, writing, speaking and listening mainly for academic purposes. Satisfactory vocabulary reinforcement is one of the major aims of all the courses. rsesn ly needed for both spoken and written communication.

Department of Basic English (DBE)

Compulsory English Preparation Courses

DBE delivers English preparation courses as atwo-semester program. Each semester comprises at least 15 weeks of instruction. These courses are designed to provide students with the language skills needed to undertake their majors.

An English Proficiency Exam (EPE) is administered in September prior to the commencement of the academic year in order to determine those students with insufficient proficiency levels to register for classes in their selected departments and who must therefore complete the DBE course. The requirement for satisfactory completion of EPE is to achieve a minimum of 60 (C+) out of 100. Students who score this required minimum are exempt from English Preparation courses.

Students who achieve the following scores from national or international exams are exempt from compulsory English courses: KPDS/ÜDS (50), TOEFL (CBT: 130; PBT: 450; IBT: 50), TOEIC (700), CPE (C), IELTS (5,5), FCE (C) and CAE (C).

During the term students’ course assessments are made by visas, quizzes, midterm tests, internet-based evaluation, student portfolios, and YTU EPE grades. Students who fail the two-semester English Preparation Courses may attend a non-compulsory 5-week Summer School.Failing students are permitted to take EPE four times in the following year.  This does not apply for Summer School.

Those who fail all Proficiency Exams (EPE) are placed into a Turkish medium undergraduate program by mutual consent between Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) and the student.

Department of Modern Languages (DML)

Compulsory English and Elective Courses

DML offers compulsory and elective foreign language programs. These courses are mainly in English; however, some German courses are also available, and the implementation of other options in foreign language courses is planned.

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