Basic Information

Department of Basic English (DBE)



In the Basic English Department preparatory program, our university provides English language training for students who are accepted to undergraduate programs whose medium of instruction is 30% and 100% English.



Our vision is to ensure individuals who are responsible and independent learners in order to continue their foreign language education in the future, which cannot be accommodated in a limited teaching process by providing the basic knowledge and skills of foreign language proficiency that students will need in their academic, professional and social life.



As a department that gives basic foreign language teaching, our mission is to give a qualified and modern language teaching by combining contemporary approaches, methods and techniques in language learning with our goals and objectives.


Program Objectives

The objectives of the Department of Foreign Language Teaching program, which is carried out in accordance with the vision and mission of the department, are determined as follows:


1. To help students acquire successful careers by gaining the communication skills that will enable them to use the foreign language at an adequate level both verbally and in writing in daily and formal communication environments,


2. To provide that the students have necessary foreign language communication skills in order to make use of foreign resources during their academic studies in domestic or international graduate/special education programs,


3. To gain a level of foreign language ability in order to follow publications in foreign language through oral or written mass media and electronic information media,


4. To provide the students with the level of behaviour, habit and upper cognitive awareness which is necessary for effective learning while providing them with reading, listening, writing and speaking skills in foreign language,


5. To enable students to have a level of language skills that forms a basis to their foreign language courses they will take during their undergraduate studies,


6. To ensure that students are responsible, independent and lifelong learners so that they can continue their foreign language education, which cannot be considered to be fit only in a limited teaching process, throughout their academic and professional lives.



The Basic English Department consists of the head of department, the vice heads of department and the department secretary. The primary duties of the head of department are to prepare course schedules at the beginning of each semester, to provide coordination between instructors and students, to make announcements about exams and the functioning of the school, to organize the English examinations conducted both in our department and throughout the university.